by Photon (Pho')



This record marks a new beginning for myself as an artist as it is the first song I have written, performed, instrumentally produced and engineered entirely myself. It's probably one of the darker records I've created in recent years. I'd like to think it captures my "truth in the moment" and the dualities that make up our perception.

Inspiration for the lyrics come from everywhere; the story of my life, conversations with musical collaborators, fans and my love(r). All of these sources come together in this short but impactful composition.

It's a missing piece of the puzzle that is Photon.


"Lightmare" Lyrics:

Sol, Big Bang, Light from the darkness;
Yo, insane, nice wit the talkin...
Bro, this pain, life in a coffin?
No, explain, why I'm so nauseous...
Tho, as I child I was so feeble;
Can't see, can't breathe, mercury in teeth holes...
Socially supposed to be a sheeple;
So what happened? I dug, stopped scratching...
At the surface where I was cursed to be worthless;
Where inertia merges wit the nervous urges...
And a certain circus church service;
worshipping perversion served me to the furnace...
Talkin' 'bout they myths over maths;
Talkin' 'bout slave ships and mastered lands...
Type of trauma based mind control;
Design zombies playing hide the soul...
To find rage, frustration, 3/5ths man...?
Stressing, so you take it out on your fam;
That's called depression, 'posed to straighten out with a Xan?;
And now you veggin, but I guess that was the plan...
And now you beefin', wake but you sleepin'
Saint but a heathen; patriot but treason...
Starvin but eatin ', bland all season...
Reapin what's sown, like wheat - but it's tare'n at the seams...
and you dreaming


released August 4, 2016
Songwriting, Performance and Production by Photon.



all rights reserved