Voicemail [H​.​E​.​R​.​O. Volume I]

by Photon (Pho')



This record is from my first EP under the pseudonym Photon, H.E.R.O. Volume One. It represents "the refusal of the call" - the stage where you are weighing the benefits and disadvantages of embarking on a journey that you know will be filled with risks and dangers and probably change your life forever.

I called it voicemail because back then I had a habit of refusing all incoming calls on my cellphone by letting them go directly to voicemail. This call was of a different type. I'd taken some time separated from my wife and very young daughter and moved to the city to "find myself" after spending around 5 years blindly following the advice of others on how I should live and establish my life. So i decided I'd take a journey within to find myself, who I am and my larger purpose in life.

Check it out to take a glimpse into my inner monologue at the time, this was around Fall of 2010.

If you like it, put a couple of bucks on it. I've got some big plans on ways I can SPREAD THE LIGHT but without INDEPENDENT DOLLARS the purity of the message can never prevail.


released October 15, 2010
Songwriting and Vocal Performance by Photon
Instrumental Composed by Vherbal



all rights reserved