White Rabbit [H​.​E​.​R​.​O. Volume I]

by Photon (Pho')



This song is dedicated to those who have the courage and fearlessness to follow their own path against all odds. Those who are willing to be scorned, mocked, ridiculed, labeled as crazy, etc. by those both in their so-called inner circle and afar because they think and dare to explore outside of the box. It is these people that cause revolutionary and remarkable change in our world.

This song is inspired by a time period just prior to *Voicemail* and *The Black Sun*... a point I considered to be my *Call to Adventure*; it's that point when you have an urge for something more that begins to slowly but surely snowball in your mind or even an offer or opportunity that is outside of the norm that presents itself in your life. Because it's *sane* to play it safe, many people will simply ignore these calls, though if they heeded them their lives and the lives of those around them could be transformed radically once the journey is completed.

This song is a record of my inner monologue during that period in time...

"ever turn your back on your treasure 'cause they said it was trash? Well don't trash it, follow the white rabbit..."


released October 12, 2010
Songwriting and Vocal Performance by Photon
Instrumental Produced by Anno Domini



all rights reserved